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    Watch all World Press Freedom Day 2020 videos from Heads of States, members of government, international organisations and UNESCO partners put together here for you to share.


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      WPFD 2020 Key messages:


      · Support independent journalism so that media workers can report without fear or favour. Newsrooms should be free to make independent editorial decisions that favour public interest and preserve accountability.

      · A free and independent press is essential at all times, but is particularly important during a health crisis such as the one we are currently experiencing. At a time when many seek information primarily online, the role of professional journalists, whom are trained to help sort through the flow and provide necessary guidance, is vital.

      · No crisis can be resolved without accurate and reliable information. At all levels, from governments to individuals, the decisions we make can be a matter of life and death and must be based on facts and science.

      · It is only through joint multilateral coordination that these crucial issues can successfully be addressed, and we are deeply committed to this global effort.

      · It is also important to help the media and journalists report on the crisis effectively and safely, and to promote critical thinking to limit the spread of rumors and misinformation.

      · On World Press Freedom Day, on 3 May, UNESCO calls on governments, media and civil society to join us in a global online movement to draw the world's attention to these issues which are essential to the survival of our democracies. Together, we will ensure that our response to the crisis is effective. This unprecedented health crisis has the potential to rebuild citizens' trust in the media.


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      • Support free and independent journalism. Media workers should report without fear. We need them more than ever. #WorldPressFreedomDay #PressFreedom #Covid19 
      • Editorial independence puts public interest first. It puts your health first. It holds the powerful accountable. It's in all our favour #WorldPressFreedomDay #PressFreedom #Covid19 
      • A free and independent press is always essential. In crises such as the current pandemic, reliable information saves lives  #WorldPressFreedomDay #PressFreedom #Covid19
      • Facts, rumours, bogus remedies, news figures every hour. Who’s going to help you make sense of all this information? Journalists, that’s who.  #WorldPressFreedomDay #PressFreedom #Covid19 
      • The cure to any crisis relies on accurate and reliable information. Trust credible journalism facts. Trust verified evidence #WorldPressFreedomDay #PressFreedom #Covid19 
      • Journalists risk their safety to report on the pandemic and bring us the facts. Disproportionate restrictions to press freedom limit our access to information. Stop arrests, persecution and harassment of journalists  #WorldPressFreedomDay  
      • Stand up for journalists! A free press that provides facts and promotes critical thinking is our strongest bulwark against the ‘disinfodemic’  #WorldPressFreedomDay #Covid19
      • The best of the press: Journalists reporting professionally from the frontline - without fear or favour. In the current crisis, their work saves lives. Trust in journalism #PressFreedom