Equitable recovery from COVID-19

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This is a forward-looking conversation dedicated to equitable recovery from COVID-19 and its aftermath. Some guiding concerns are:

- Can/should we rebuild equitably?
- What policy pathways are likely to bring about a more equitable/inclusive results?
- If/how should Universal Basic Income be built into the COVID-19 recovery packages? 
- What policy experiments and data are there to guide us?

Feel free to share your analysis, data and projects. These could be new projects or previous work that carries lessons learned of relevance to the current context. 
The outcomes of this team's work would be used in a brief to inform policy and project responses to COVID-19.  
You are welcomed to react to any of these discussion threads (see discussion section of the e-team) and/or initiate any new threads on the topic.
To kick start the conversation, here are some thoughts on the issue:
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Basic Income – deciphering the promises and the data​

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Addressing the COVID-19 economic crisis in Asia through social protection
The impact of the pandemic on income inequality´s two faces
How would you distribute COVID-response funds to poor countries?
Post-COVID recovery how Latin America should treat its inequalities
Close social protection gaps to reset equitably after COVID-19​
In Indonesia, the COVID-19 pandemic hurts poor women the most
How Malaysia can leverage e-commerce to leave no one behind in recovery


Geographical area: Other
Theme(s) of intervention: Economic policy / inclusive economic development, Health and wellbeing, Inclusive social development / inclusive societies / social inclusion, Policy design and delivery, Reduction of inequalities / equity / poverty eradication, Social change / social transformations, Social policy, Social protection, Sustainable Development Goals
Created: 04 Jun 2020
Latest update: 22 Apr 2021


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