Many of the issues at the heart of the public and policy debates are deeply scientific matters. Think COVID-19 or climate change. Science underpins it all, yet public trust in science is eroding. Why? It has a lot to do with the societal polarisation, the distributional effects of science (as often, there are winners and losers), the politicisation of science, and the scientisation of politics. Follow world leading experts as they debate this crisis of expertise and put forward concrete, data-driven solutions.


This workstream is curated by the Lab’s expert Gloria Origgi, Director of Research at CNRS Paris.




Use "more cheer, less fear" for effective climate communication by Danielle Kent of Macquarie University


Rethink science communication for the post-pandemic era by Niels G. Mede of University of Zurich


What makes science trustworthy? A guide for the public by Heather Douglas of Michigan State University


A new place for publics in science by T.Y. Branch of University of Cologne


Public trust in science must be earned by Gürol Irzik and Faik Kurtulmus of Sabanci University


Trust in science – factor in culture and belief by Justin Sulik of University of Munich


Trust, but notify by Martino Maggetti of University of Lausanne


Promoting equity and reducing inequalities: the role of evidence and science by Paul Cairney of University of Sterling





Social media and trust in science – “it’s complicated” with Homero Gil De Zúñiga of University of Salamanca and Pennsylvania State University and Brigitte Huber of IU International University of Applied Sciences


Polarisation kidnapped science, the price is paid by all with Peter Gluckman of the International Science Council


Stand on the shoulders of giants, take the next leap on climate with Mark Howden of ANU Institute for Climate, Energy & Disaster Solutions, sharing the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with other IPCC members and Al Gore


From ivory towers to glass houses, science is transforming with Gloria Origgi of CNRS, Paris


We politicised science and scientised politics – is that a problem? with Gil Eyal of Columbia University 


Recalibrate - our policies were too heavy on efficiency, too light on equity with Doug Elmendorf of Harvard Kennedy School


Invest in knowledge, use it to rebuild with Bambang Brodjonegoro of the Indonesian Ministry of Research and Technology




All podcasts are available on THE POLICY NERD podcast channel.


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