Medical Insurance

UNESCO's Medical Benefits Fund (MBF) provides medical insurance benefits to all staff with a contract of six months or more.

The MBF reimburses a proportion of eligible expenses incurred for a range of treatments, including hospitalization, medical and surgical treatment, pharmaceutical expenses, optical lenses, maternity care, dental and orthodontic treatments.

The spouse and children of the staff  may also be admitted to the scheme.


Additional Medical Insurance

Staff appointed to Headquarters may consider subscribing to a complementary  private medical insurance ("mutuelle").

The Staff Compensation Plan

UNESCO Staff Compensation Plan is designed to provide financial compensation to a staff member or his/her beneficiaries in the event of his/her death, illness or injury which is considered related to the performance of official duties.

Malicious Acts Insurance

All staff are covered by a special insurance policy which covers injury or death caused by a malicious act.  

Voluntary Life Insurance

Staff members holding appointments of at least six months or having completed six months of continuous service may join a group life insurance scheme on a voluntary basis.

Pension Fund

Staff members with a contract of six months or more become participants to United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund .  

The United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund is a fund established by the UN General Assembly to provide retirement, death, disability, lump-sum withdrawal settlements and related benefits for UN staff.