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Category 2 Institutes and Centres

Institutes and centres under the auspices of UNESCO (category 2 institutes and centres) are established and funded by Member States to contribute to the achievement of UNESCO’s objectives.

Though not legally part of the Organization, these Institutes and Centres are associated with UNESCO through formal arrangements approved by the General Conference. They are selected upon proposal by Member State(s), based on the strength of their specialization in one of UNESCO’s fields of competence. Through capacity-building knowledge sharing and research, they provide a valuable and unique contribution to the implementation of UNESCO’s strategic programme objectives for the benefits of Member States.

List of Category 2 Institutes and Centres according to Sectors and Central Services, as approved by UNESCO's General Conference:

At its 40th session (November 2019) UNESCO’s General Conference adopted the revised integrated comprehensive strategy for category 2 institutes and centres, as approved in 40 C/Resolution 99 which supersedes all relevant prior resolutions by the General Conference on the subject.

The revised integrated comprehensive strategy, the guidelines concerning the creation of new and renewals of existing institutes and centres under the auspices of UNESCO (category 2) as well as a model agreement between UNESCO and a Member State concerned, will be made available soon.