Ethical Considerations in COVID-19 Responses and Recovery

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Ethical considerations applied to health services and research on genetic and the living (bioethics) are substantially linked to the human rights frameworks. The bottom line is to protect human dignity in all operations, be they technical, or political. This is the reason why UNESCO has adopted in 2005 the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights, which is to date, the only global normative framework that should guide human interventions on the living. In view of the COVID-19 global pandemic, UNESCO Regional Office for Southern Africa has produced awareness-raising videos in which prominent researchers on ethics provide ethical frameworks in order to support and capacitate decision-makers. The objective of this undertaking is to share the videos and other material to emphasize ethical and human rights principles in the prevention and treatment of the pandemic, targeting decision-makers, health care providers, the media and NGOs.

Geographical area: Southern Africa
Theme(s) of intervention: Health and wellbeing
Created: 27 Apr 2020
Latest update: 30 Apr 2020


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