Enhancing children's holistic learning through the physical.

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The purpose of this E-team is to promote and enact learning through the physical dimension in schools to optimise children's wellbeing; it is natural for children to enjoy movement for play, exploration, learning and development (relating to SDG 3 & 4). The research book Physical Education and Wellbeing: Global and Holistic Approaches to Child Health (Lynch, 2019) explores how physical education (PE) can be best enacted in primary schools to optimise children’s wellbeing and holistic learning. Drawing together extensive data from school communities around the globe, the findings suggest that PE offers a powerful platform for meaningful connections across learning areas. The research made 13 specific recommendations which compliment and supplement the UNESCO strategy for Quality Physical Education (QPE) (2015). This E-team will enact the 13 recommendations by designing national/international policy for a constructivist (and critical), social cultural (inclusive) curriculum reform.

Geographical area: Other
Theme(s) of intervention: Education, Health and wellbeing, Sustainable Development Goals
Created: 30 Jul 2022
Latest update: 05 Aug 2022


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