Writing Peace Manual - Training Tools and Resources

"Writing Peace" is a manual that invites young audiences to discover contemporary writings by introducing them to a sample of them. Its goal is to make the world appear a little closer and a little more familiar. "Writing Peace" encourages children (aged 8 to 14) to become aware of the interdependence of cultures through familiarization with contemporary writing systems, their history, and their borrowings.

Welcome to the central hub of all Writing Peace training tools and resources! Access all materials needed to join other schools, teachers, and facilitators around the world in planning and implementing your very own Writing Peace pilot workshop. Use and share these resources to help children discover contemporary writing systems in order to better understand the evolution of cultural diversity and shared concepts of peace.

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Pilot Workshops

The first pilot workshop utilizing the recently published Writing Peace Manual took place on 21-22 February 2018 in Rabat, Morocco, in partnership with the Moroccan Ministry of Education and the National Centre for Human Rights.

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Contact: Amina Hamshari, UNESCO, a.hamshari@unesco.org