Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development


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GAP Partner Networks


What are the Partner Networks?

Established by UNESCO, Partner Networks drive implementation of the Global Action Programme (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). They serve as a global community of practice and exist for each of the five Priority Action Areas of the GAP: 1) advancing policy; 2) transforming learning and training environments; 3) building capacities of educators and trainers; 4) empowering and mobilizing youth; and 5) accelerating sustainable solutions at local level.

Why Partner Networks?

Partner Networks intensify synergies between the GAP activities of their members, the Key Partners, and catalyse further action from other ESD stakeholders. All activities focus on scaling up ESD efforts, including through joint Flagship Projects.

Who are the members of the Partner Networks?

The Partner Networks consist of 80 major ESD stakeholders from all regions of the world with extensive outreach capacity and the ability to innovate and have major impact on ESD. UNESCO selects the members of the Partner Networks based on the GAP Launch Commitments received from stakeholders.

What are Flagship Projects?

Flagship Projects are major projects in each of the GAP’s five Priority Action Areas. They are developed jointly by UNESCO and members of each Partner Network, and focus on scaling up ESD actions. Flagship Projects ensure that the work of the Partner Networks has maximum impact.


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