UNESCO panel on disability and inclusive cities

Urban Social Forum 2016


urban social forum

Urban Social Forum 2016, organized by the Indonesian NGO Kota Kita, took place in Semarang, Indonesia on 3rd of December.


UNESCO hold a panel on Disability and Inclusive Cities, exploring current issues such as the role of data and evidence for effective and inclusive public policies, or the existing gaps in data and evidence.


In 2017, UNESCO and Kota Kita will launch an initiative on Participatory Data for a Disability-Inclusive City. The project uses an innovative data-collection methodology focusing on disability in urban setting, which will enable neighbourhood-level mapping of disability and support the development of advocacy tools to strengthen the voices of persons with disabilities in local policy-making. The approach will be piloted in the city of Solo, Indonesia, with a view to developing a scalable model that can be adopted by other cities in the country and around the world.