Launch of the review of disability inclusive development in the Pacific


After endorsing the Pacific Framework for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (PFRPD) and following the line of action for its strategies and programmes set out in the United Nations Pacific Strategy 2017-2022, UNESCO Field Offices in the Pacific are launching a review about disability inclusive development in the region. Closely related to the Goal 5 of the Pacific Framework for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, this research will provide an overview of the existing issues in the area of disability inclusive development at the regional and national level through a critical analysis of research and programmes implemented. The creation of such strong evidence will allow putting forward the issues concerning persons with disabilities in order to better understand and highlight their needs and aspirations.

The UNESCO Social and Human Sciences Sector (SHS) initiated the launch of this review. This programme focuses on improving social policy, feeding into more inclusive, just and equitable societies and on strengthening evidence-based research policy. So far, its interventions in the Pacific have concentrated on supporting the development of evidence-based policies for the youth, especially related to the topic of sport. Generating policy research in areas such as migration and social inclusion of marginalized groups, and capacity building were also central. This review will help to identify the areas wherein enhanced evidence building is needed and will propose ways to promote evidence-based inclusive development policy making in the area of disability, both at the regional and national levels.

The review allows a comprehensive analysis into the current conceptualization of disability inclusive development and progresses and challenges in the promotion of the rights of persons with disabilities. This analysis will contribute to the implementation of the PFRPD and will help developing targeted interventions for the SHS Sector in the region.

You can join the e-team around disability inclusive development in the Pacific to follow the progress of the review, access the related documents, and join the discussions surrounding it.