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Science for policy

The Science for Policy e-learning course by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre provides the skills that researchers need to increase the impact of their research results on policy and society at large.

Inequalities and youth in Latin America

This course explores the challenges of inequalities among the youth in LAC, and recognizes the importance of addressing them as a key strategy for equitable, inclusive and sustainable development.

Exploring UBI: COVID-19 and beyond

This Webinar reviews key issues and evidence on UBI as a social protection measure, identifies emerging lessons from cross-country experiences, and reflects on its potential and limitations as both a crisis response and long-term intervention.

UNESCO Inclusive Policy Lab: Invitation to join by By UN CC:Learn

Children and climate change

This course discusses how climate change affects children and youth,  how resilience can be strengthened, and how they can act to address this challenge. 

Gender and the environment

This course is on the link between gender and the environment, and aims to provide knowledge and tools to be an effective change-maker for sustainable development.

Inclusive green economy in Africa

The course covers the key concepts of inclusive green economy paradigm within macroeconomic frameworks, the implications of macroeconomic frameworks for development outcomes in Africa, as well as challenges and opportunities, and good practices in the implementation of macroeconomic policy reforms.

Making schools disability-inclusive

How do we ensure our school systems are prepared to cater to the needs of all children including children with disabilities? What is the role of data? What data collection tools exist and how can these tools better address disability?


Inequalities in Latin America and the Caribbean

Inequality is one of the main challenges facing Latin America and the Caribbean and is a constant concern for their governments. This course addresses the current regional landscape of inequalities, warns of its dramatic consequences, and offers transformative strategies that can be designed to improve social policies and public management.


What topics we cover?  

Gender Equality Markers

First module in the I know gender: how-to series

Global inequality

This edX online learning course in sociology introduces you to core concepts of class, gender, and racial inequality, and an approach to studying complex forms of inequality called intersectionality. The course features interviews with top scholars and discussion of the full-length award winning documentary, China Blue, which follows the life of a young seventeen-year-old worker from Sichuan province, to a Chinese jeans factory.