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Hello, Team Member.

Katharine and I have recently met to discuss the work of the Team and future steps to increase engagement, participation and outcomes. You'll begin to see output from the online event held towards the end of last year - our next step will be to issue a survey to better understand those in the Team, who you are and what you'd like to get from your work with us as well as seeking your ideas on where you'd like to be involved.

Lee Dunn 24 Feb 2022
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Reading on screen has received a lot of bad press for its damaging effect on readers’ concentration levels. However, digital books, such as e-books and interactive apps, can meaningfully expand the reading repertoire of young children. When digital books are well-designed, they can cater to the learning needs of all children including those who typically need most support. 

Natalia Kucirkova 07 Feb 2022
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Many thanks to everyone who joined us for the conversation event on the 8 December 2021 and for all your feedback. Lee and I will be in contact with you in early 2022 to begin developing the group further and arranging more events. 

Thank you very much to all the poster presenters. The posters are now available to view and download on The Open University's Research Data Online (ORDO) research data repository. 

Katharine Jewitt 18 Dec 2021
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‘UNESCO Education and Digital Skills: A Conversation Event’ on December 8 2021 13:00-15:00

Katharine Jewitt 03 Nov 2021
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Hello Team!

Now that our small team is growing, please feel free to invite others to join. Let's introduce ourselves and share our interests and current projects so that we can get a feel for who is in the team.

I'm based in Scotland and I'm currently working with the Directorate for Digital in the Scottish Government. I lead public and third sector digital skills development and my current interests are in adult learning, education and digital skills with a focus on learning pathways. 

Lee Dunn 23 Jul 2021