Global Education Meeting 2018

The Global Education Meeting will be held in Brussels, Belgium from 3 to 5 December 2018. The Global Meeting is convened by UNESCO in its mandated role as lead agency and coordinator of the Education 2030 Agenda, with the kind support of the Government of Belgium. The Meeting will review progress towards the global education targets and commitments in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It will bring the global community together to take stock of progress and identify strategic priority areas requiring political guidance and intervention for the effective achievement of the global Education 2030 Agenda.

Regional Platforms and Outcomes of Regional Education 2030 Consultations


Programme at a glance

Day 1 - Monday 3 December

  • Introduction - Welcome and presentation of expected outcomes and working modalities
  • Review of progress on Education 2030 targets and commitments 1) Global perspectives 2) Regional perspectives
  • Forum with three sets of four parallel workshops focusing on various SDG4 related themes and the inter-linkages with other SDGs

Day 2 - Tuesday 4 December

  • Synthesis of Forum - review of conclusions and recommendations
  • Education and the 2030 Agenda - plenary debate focused on the inter-linkage between education and development
  • Policy Recommendations - identification of key policy recommendations
  • Opening ceremony
  • Panel debate on empowering people and ensuring inclusiveness and gender equality
  • Panel debate on migration, forced displacement and education

Day 3 - Wednesday 5 December

  • Policy recommendations - presentation of draft Outcome Statement
  • Looking back to look forward - reviewing progress, perspectives across countries
  • Ministerial round table - key challenges and policy responses
  • Panel debate - teachers and skilling
  • Adoption and closing - outcome statement