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2020 GEM Report - Inclusion and education

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Credit: Jenny Matthews/Panos

Graph of the week

Teachers need more opportunities for professional development on inclusion

There is often high demand among teachers for professional development on inclusion. some 25% of teachers in the 2018 TaLIs reported a high need for professional development on teaching students with special needs, and in Brazil, colombia and Mexico the share was over 50%. about 15% reported a high need for personalized learning training, rising to over 40% in Japan and Viet Nam.

Statistics of the month

These statistics are taken from GEM Report materials.



fall in aid to education

due to COVID-19 by 2022

1/5of countries

demonstrate a strong level of commitment to equity in education through their finance policies



designed learning materials for speakers of minority languages or provided additional support to poorer households in the Eurasia region