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2021/2 GEM Report - Non-state actors in education

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Credit: Joris Vens/Super Formosa Photography

Graph of the week

National benchmark values suggest the world will not achieve SDG 4

Aggregating the benchmark values either that countries have submitted or that have been extracted from their national plans provides the first full picture of whether the SDG 4 pledges are likely to be achieved. The main conclusion is that even if countries manage to achieve their voluntarily set benchmarks, they still fall short of the SDG 4 target pledges, even before taking the potential impact of COVID-19 into account.

Global average baseline (2015) and benchmark values 2025/2030, by indicator

Statistics of the month

These statistics are taken from GEM Report materials.



fall in aid to education

due to COVID-19 by 2022

1/5of countries

demonstrate a strong level of commitment to equity in education through their finance policies



designed learning materials for speakers of minority languages or provided additional support to poorer households in the Eurasia region