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2021/2 GEM Report - Non-state actors in education

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Credit: Joris Vens/Super Formosa Photography

Graph of the week

National benchmark values suggest the world will not achieve SDG 4

Aggregating the benchmark values either that countries have submitted or that have been extracted from their national plans provides the first full picture of whether the SDG 4 pledges are likely to be achieved. The main conclusion is that even if countries manage to achieve their voluntarily set benchmarks, they still fall short of the SDG 4 target pledges, even before taking the potential impact of COVID-19 into account.

Global average baseline (2015) and benchmark values 2025/2030, by indicator

Statistics of the month

These statistics are taken from GEM Report materials.



of total education spending

is covered by households in low- and lower-middle-income countries

¾of people

in 34 middle- and high-income countries would prefer more public spending on education


of families

borrow to pay for education in low-income countries