Your further inputs needed! Help UNESCO finalize the draft Internet Universality Indicators

Stakeholders are invited to review the first draft indicators document and respond to the three questions below by 15 March 2018. All submissions should be sent via email ( sends e-mail)), and/or through an online submission platform to be available in late December. General enquiries can be issued to UNESCO focal point Xianhong Hu and Josselyn Guillarmou.

Consultation questions:

  1. Are there any additional themes, questions or indicators which you believe should be included in the framework?
  2. Are there any suggestions that you wish to make in respect of the proposed themes, questions and indicators which are included in the framework as it stands?
  3. What sources and means of verification would you recommend, from your experience, in relation to any of the questions and indicators that have been proposed?
The consultation document of draft Internet indicators is available at this link.
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