Workshop on "the politics of inclusion"

06 Jul - 07 Jul


An international workshop on the politics of inclusion will be organized by the Comparative Research Programme on poverty (CROP) and UNESCO’s Management of Social Transformations Programme (MOST), at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris from 6 to 7 July.

The workshop will focus on the concept of social inclusion and its broadly accepted link with poverty eradication. In fact, we will be examining how sustainable development goals (SDGs) and targets aimed at social and economic inclusion are conditioned by poverty, inequality and power relations. The workshop will try to tackle these issues by evaluating types of social transformations that may be capable of changing the dynamics that keep people disadvantaged.

Through the assessment of both theoretical perspectives and empirical analysis, participants will discuss the potential contribution of the social and human sciences to reduce poverty and promote social justice and inclusion in the context of Agenda 2030. In addition, participants will evaluate the way in which collaboration between UN entities and research networks and institutions could facilitate a shift from particular anti-poverty interventions to longer-term development strategies focusing on social and economic inclusion.