Presentation of the proposal from women with disabilities for the new national gender equality policy

04 Dec - 04 Dec


On 4 December, the UNESCO Office in San José will hold an event to present the "Proposal of Women with Disabilities for the New National Policy on Gender Equality and Equity (PIEG) and its plan of action", as a result of the participatory analysis developed in the context of the UNESCO-MOST Inclusive Policy Lab.

Within the framework of UNESCO's MOST Inclusive Policy Lab and as part of the strategy of the UNESCO Office in San José to include the Agenda for Women with Disabilities in the development of the new National Policy on Gender Equality and Equity (PIEG), the report to be presented is intended to be a guiding phare to support the work of the technical secretariat of the National Policy for Gender Equality and Equity of the Costarrican National Women's Institute (INAMU). The report represents the sum of the different demands made by civil society and multiple international organizations in order to improve the living conditions of women with disabilities in Costa Rica in the light of social inclusion. This is intended to ensure that equity and gender policies cover the specific needs of this population within the framework of intersectionality, human rights, gender equality and inclusive development.

The report includes a first part analyzing the achievements, gaps and areas for improvement in disability policy under implementation. Subsequently, the theoretical and practical foundations that support the relevance of making visible the issue of women, girls and adolescents with disabilities in public policies on gender equality and equity are presented. 

A section is devoted to civil society organizations which champion the agenda of women with disabilities, international bodies which have made observations and recommendations to the Costa Rican State regarding the topic in particular, and public/private entities which must comply with such demands and mandates. 

The document concludes with a list of the recommendations and demands made by the petitioners on gender and disability, so that such sites can be addressed by the next PIEGE.

This event, open to the public, will be facilitated by Ileana Chacón, an expert on the subject, who has been in charge of drafting the report.