World Health & Ageing RPT: Trans-disciplinary Observation Network

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The World Health and Ageing Report: Trans-disciplinary Observation Network (WHARTON) team focuses on a trans-disciplinary emphasis on significant global health and ageing issues and public health challenges both developed and developing countries face as a series of emergent, interacting and urgent tasks. These topics include world population ageing with increase in chronic illnesses, ageism, health disparities, and fragmented and inconsistent services.

The members were invited to join due to their expertise on all related aspects, including (but not limited to):
Economic consequences of population aging;
Demography and sociology of aging;
Inclusion of marginalized and under-represented populations and addressing the needs of the elderly in adversity;
Public health policy response to older people’s experiences and needs in optimizing opportunities;
Scientific understand of the molecular mechanisms that control ageing;
Geroscience and Geriatric Medicines Strategy;

Geographical area: Other
Theme(s) of intervention: Economic policy / inclusive economic development, Education, Health and wellbeing, Social policy, Social protection, Strategic planning, Sustainable Development Goals
Created: 02 Sep 2022
Latest update: 02 Sep 2022


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