UNESCO: testing functionalities and improving user experience

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The team is concerned with (a) testing the functionalities of the Lab and (b) recommending ways to improve user experience. Included in the e-team are colleagues with different profiles. Those working on programmes will focus on how the Lab lends itself to the use under their activities. The emphasis is on how this online facility could boost your on-the-ground work (e.g, how a WG delivering a policy review can also be an e-team; how an inter-governmental or advisory body can use this facility to develop/discuss its products). The benefits of combining the online and in-person modes include the possibility to: (a) sustain work throughout and beyond the lifespan of a project; (b) expand coverage to other parties; (c) improve visibility of outcomes; (d) document the process of capacity building; and (e) boost efficiency. Colleagues working on communication, will assess the Lab from that perspective. Those with web management profiles will provide recommendations on the e-infrastructure.

Geographical area: Other
Theme(s) of intervention: Communication and information/ICTs
Created: 21 Oct 2016
Latest update: 03 Mar 2023

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