Social Work Education in a Womens Prison; a Canadian Example

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Social Work Education in a Women’s Prison: An Innovative Experiential Workshop on the Walls to Bridges Pedagogy in Canada

Presented by Dr. Shoshana Pollack,Coordinator of the Walls to Bridges Program & Jane Garant, M.S.W., W2B Program Assistant from Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada.


This workshop will engage participants in the Walls to Bridges pedagogy to explore innovative ways of learning about imprisonment, punishment, race and gender oppression and how we cultivate a powerful community of learning within carceral spaces. Led by students of W2B courses, some of whom have lived experience of imprisonment, and the coordinator of the Canadian Walls to Bridges program, this workshop will introduce W2B pedagogical strategies and discuss the transformational impacts classes have on both social work and incarcerated students. Conference participants will be required to participate fully in activities and dialogue.

Geographical area: Other
Theme(s) of intervention: Education, Inclusive social development / inclusive societies / social inclusion
Created: 06 Sep 2017
Latest update: 24 Nov 2022

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