Reflecting on Do No Harm in International Fieldwork

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Reflecting on ‘Do No Harm’ Ethical Principle in International Field Work

Presented by Rebecca Ranz and Nora Korin Langer from the School of Social Work, Sapir College, Israel.


Globalization requires social workers to be trained ready to work in the international arena. Schools of Social Work are addressing this challenge by including overseas fieldwork placements. Howvere as International field placements mainly involves students from the Global North visiting countries in the Global South, these students may lack knowledge, skills and methods of practice suitable for the host countries. Specifically students are often faced with situations that raise issues relating to power relations and paternalism.

This workshop will:
-Identify the challenges faced by visiting students and their accompanying staff, in an attempt to ensure that the "no harm" principle is met.
-Introduce how to raise awareness of unspoken values&beliefs guiding social workers.

Geographical area: Other
Theme(s) of intervention: Education, Inclusive social development / inclusive societies / social inclusion
Created: 12 Jun 2017
Latest update: 24 Nov 2022

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