Provisional Versus Socio-economical Realities of Nepal

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Here, we discuss about various provisions under constitutional law in Nepal versus its socio-economic realities. We know, despite the fact there are so many mentioned enactments in the constitution, they're not being implied in reality or they simply cannot change how people live in their day to day life which clearly means the provisions and laws in Nepal hasn't been able to pierce into people's minds, nor has it stayed there. We hence discuss the ground breaking realities, the core reasons as to why the laws can't make it up to societies, and efforts as in if there's something we can do really to change it from the root.

Geographical area: South-East Asia
Theme(s) of intervention: Education, Gender equality, Inclusive social development / inclusive societies / social inclusion, Monitoring and evaluation, Participation, Reduction of inequalities / equity / poverty eradication, Social innovation / public sector innovation / policy innovation, Strategic planning, Sustainable Development Goals
Created: 22 Sep 2020
Latest update: 22 Sep 2020

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