Nudging Responsible Investment

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This e-team brings together researchers, investment professionals and policy makers to explore ways in which behavioural insights can be applied to nudge greater responsible investment. 

Carbon divestment is urgently needed to ward off the impending climate emergency.  Yet responsible investments still only account for a modest share of global assets. Insights from the behavioural sciences suggest that the human moral judgement system is not well equipped to process climate change as an important moral problem. Climate change fails to activate an urgency for action in the way that other moral imperatives do.

This team will explore and share evidence-based approaches for nudging responsible investment of institutional and retail investors. 

Geographical area: Latin America and the Caribbean, South-East Asia, Southern Africa, Western Africa, Other
Theme(s) of intervention: Economic policy / inclusive economic development, Environmental policy / climate change, Evidence for policy / knowledge valorization
Created: 03 May 2023
Latest update: 03 May 2023

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