Network for Inclusive Entrepreneurship and Research

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Inclusive entrepreneurship policies are useful to increase awareness about the potential for self-employment and to increase labour market and also to address external and institutional failures. It specifies in under-represented and disadvantaged groups. 
Inclusive entrepreneurship policies typically target the groups that are under-represented in, or face greater barriers for business creation. These barriers will be addressed with entrepreneurship training, coaching and mentoring, microfinancing. It would be helpful to improve the quality of the livelihoods with sustainable and innovative startups.
This e-team networks academicians, impact field practitioners and researchers to explore opportunities and develop solutions with designing policies that will further help to develop livelihood models for underrepresented and disadvantaged groups through entrepreneurship for scaling the impact and growth.


Geographical area: Other
Theme(s) of intervention: Economic policy / inclusive economic development, Education, Gender equality, Inclusive social development / inclusive societies / social inclusion, Migration, Reduction of inequalities / equity / poverty eradication, Social change / social transformations, Youth
Created: 28 Dec 2022
Latest update: 17 Feb 2023


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