Institutional policy on Afrodescendant access of judiciary system

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This e-team focusses on discussing the work of Costa Rica's Judicial Branch which established a unique institutional policy in 2015 to improve Afrodescendant access of the judiciary system. The policy covers, in particular, the promotion of Afrodescendant human rights, the sensitising of officials to the needs of the Afrodescendant population in Costa Rica, and the promotion of capacity building.


The e-team wiill discuss the way in which such a unique policy was developed so as to potentially replicate such a policy elsewhere as needed.

Geographical area: Latin America and the Caribbean
Theme(s) of intervention: Inclusive social development / inclusive societies / social inclusion, Policy design and delivery, Reduction of inequalities / equity / poverty eradication, Social innovation / public sector innovation / policy innovation
Created: 03 Feb 2017
Latest update: 17 Feb 2017

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