Inclusivity for Sustainable Development

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UN in coordination with national and local governments has been trying to advocate and achieve sustainable development goals. In this entire process, offices are working together, and some committed individuals are also associated with the noble cause. The ground-level observation portrays that there is a lack of inclusivity in the approach.
Practice and planning could not make the goals, the goals of commoners.  The reason is offices are corresponding with offices. If we need to connect commoners with this mission, rethinking the approach is a must. How people connect with any mission is different in different localities. 
In my opinion, different nationals respond differently to the same thing but if the thoughtful variation is considered in the presentation, they will respond alike. In some parts, people get connected through performing arts, whereas somewhere they connect through literature or stories, or cinema. Maybe somewhere, an appeal is to be generated. 

Geographical area: Latin America and the Caribbean, South-East Asia, Southern Africa, Western Africa, Other
Theme(s) of intervention: Inclusive social development / inclusive societies / social inclusion
Created: 03 Apr 2023
Latest update: 03 Apr 2023


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