Critical Conversations in the Classroom: Empowering Social Work

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Critical Conversations in the Classroom: Preparing the Empowering Social Worker

Presented by .Jo Daugherty Bailey & Dawn Matera Bassett, from Metropolitan Uni of Denver USA & Victoria Schmidt


The presenters will outline the ten steps within Curry-Stevens’ model Pedagogy for the privileged and demonstrate strategies for the safe uncovering and discussion of issues related to privilege, disprivilege, inequality and oppression. Participants will explore their positions of privilege and disprivilege and their understanding of the impacts of social location. Participants will then share the challenges and address ways in which these challenges can be overcome so as to promote students’ self-awareness of their own biases.


Workshop participants will gain a methodology and tools to successfully facilitate difficult discussions regarding positionality of privilege and oppressionin order to promote an ethical justice orientated framework framework for practice.

Geographical area: Other
Theme(s) of intervention: Education, Social change / social transformations
Created: 06 Sep 2017
Latest update: 24 Nov 2022

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