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Climate Cardinals is a youth-led international NGO, which fosters universal access to climate change resources to combat the climate crisis. Oftentimes, people lack access to basic environmental knowledge; in fact, 40% of adults worldwide have never heard of climate change. As the majority of environmental research is published in English, this language barrier hinders people’s understanding of the issue.

Climate Cardinals translates and distributes climate research globally to better educate the public. The organization compiles and translates reports of climate information. To date, the initiative consists of over 6,500 volunteers who translate in 105 languages spanning 41 countries, and over 200,000 words have been translated.

Through cooperation with governments, schools, and organizations including UNEP and UNICEF, Climate Cardinals disseminates translations globally and has reached 350,000+ people, making information accessible to a broader scope of people. 

Geographical area: Latin America and the Caribbean, South-East Asia, Southern Africa, Western Africa, Other
Theme(s) of intervention: Education, Environmental policy / climate change, Sustainable Development Goals, Youth
Created: 14 Jan 2021
Latest update: 23 Feb 2022


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