Building inclusive cities: inclusion of persons with disabilities

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This e-team focuses on promoting the inclusion of persons with disabilities through municipal policy and action in Indonesia.


The e-team will follow the developments of the Network of Inclusive Cities - an innovative partnership of municipalities committed to the full realisation of the rights of persons with disabilities.


The main deliverable of this e-team's work is to discuss and respond to the practices of the Network of Inclusive Cities in Indonesia. The work will be ultimately geared towards identifying good practices and mechanisms which could be extrapolated and replicated, after an appropriate level of customization and contextualization, at a larger scale and in the different sub-national and sectoral contexts. The e-team will also focus on aligning the municipal inclusive city practices with the standards of the field.

Geographical area: South-East Asia
Theme(s) of intervention: Disability, Inclusive social development / inclusive societies / social inclusion, Social change / social transformations, Social innovation / public sector innovation / policy innovation, Social policy
Created: 03 Feb 2017
Latest update: 11 Feb 2017

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