The Arts as an Integrative Educational Tool

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Using Arts as an Integrative Educational Tool within Social Work Teaching and Supervision

Presented by Ephart Huss, from the Ben Gurion University, Israel


The arts have a strong theoretical connection to social work because they can create a symbolic space within which to shift from homeostasis to change- for both service users and social workers. This workshop will teach a set of structured methods through which to integrate micro and macro perspectives in social work, to co- creating knowledge
with service users, and to address social workers secondary trauma and burn- out.

The overall objective is to create innovative methods for focus on learning from service users of marginal cultures and with diverse problems. It will outline methodsfor creating innovate practice curriculums and course contents.

Geographical area: Other
Theme(s) of intervention: Culture, Education
Created: 12 Jun 2017
Latest update: 24 Nov 2022

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