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This E-Team is devoted to the collaboration of MOST National Committees in Africa.   National Committees are country-level extensions of the MOST Programme.  Each  committee represents a platform with a defined mandate, structure, membership, and affiliation put in place to pursue a coherent agenda that furthers valorization of social science research across policy and planning processes at a national and, where applicable, sub-national levels. 

We encourage you to use this platform to:

  • Discuss and share challenges, best practices, and priorities within and across sectors. 
  • Upload relevant content (such as reports, policy, conference/event details)
  • Invite other members of the Inclusive Policy Lab such as policy-makers, researchers, or international actors to contribute to the discussion at your discretion. 

Members are welcome to react to any of the discussion threads in the discussion section of the E-Team, and/or initiate initiate any new thread. 

Geographical area: Southern Africa, Western Africa
Theme(s) of intervention: Economic policy / inclusive economic development, Education, Environmental policy / climate change, Evidence for policy / knowledge valorization, Gender equality, Policy design and delivery, Reduction of inequalities / equity / poverty eradication, Social change / social transformations, Social innovation / public sector innovation / policy innovation, Social policy, Strategic planning, Sustainable Development Goals, Youth
Created: 31 Jul 2019
Latest update: 31 Jul 2019

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