“We the true people”: policies for “humanity” in Amazonia

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The initial stimulus for this team is the ethnographic idea that Amerindian bodies are not thought of as given, but rather as continuously fabricated (Seeger, Da Matta e Viveiros de Castro 1979) through kinship and sharing of substances (Viveiros de Castro (1992a.) once more pinpoints: “a theory of memory which inscribes it in the flesh”). One could say then that Amazonian bodies have a performative rather than a given character and appear as differentiators in Amazonian cosmologies which bonds beings of the same type to the extent it differentiates them from the others. In sum, bodies for Amerindians, are precisely the location from which identity and difference emerge and the way in which alterity is apprehended as such.

This team is proposed to think and design inclusive policies that take this into consideration in creating policies for cultural policies for amazonian indigenous peoples.


Geographical area: Latin America and the Caribbean
Theme(s) of intervention: Culture, Evidence for policy / knowledge valorization, Inclusive social development / inclusive societies / social inclusion, Social innovation / public sector innovation / policy innovation
Created: 07 Jan 2022
Latest update: 31 Jan 2022


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