Higher Education

UNESCO is the only UN body with a mandate to support national capacity building in higher education.

For the first time, Higher Education (HED) has been included among the SDG4 targets in the context of implementing SDG goals, based on enhancing access to quality learning opportunities for both boys and girls including in upper education stages. UNESCO’s activities in this area are predominantly linked to its standard-setting function.

UNESCO Beirut has placed special attention to supporting Arab States in their efforts to enhance HED quality through effective mechanisms of internal and external Quality Assurance (QA). At the same time, it has organized Regional consultations and capacity development activities with regard to financing Higher Education Institutions (HEI) and systems that focus on the challenge of shifting higher education costs from the government to private sources, including financial markets, businesses, philanthropy and households.

In addition to Financing HED, the following thematic areas are also a priority:

- Digitalization and Technology in higher education as opportunities for bridging divide

- Higher Education and Research for sustainable Development (SDGs)

- Governance

- UNESCO Chairs

- Doctoral studies

- Research, Development and Innovation strategies (RDI)

- NQF- National Qualification Frameworks

- Strategic planning in HED

- Internationalization of HED in the Arab States

- Higher Education in Emergencies (HEiE).


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