Intervention for Elementary School Children and Parents Exposed or affected by Beirut Blast

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Eendi Kodra

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Funded by King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KSRelief), the ‘Eendi Kodra’ project aims to support explosion-affected elementary school children and their parents to build up their resilience and enhance their psychosocial well-being through providing a series of Psychosocial Support (PSS) sessions to the children and their parents.


The Beirut blast, on August 4, has left numerous people dealing with waves of acute stress, fear, and anxiety, especially the children, who are more vulnerable when exposed to crises and traumatic events. At least 85,000 children are directly affected by and suffering from the aftermath of the explosion. Thus, ensuring psychosocial wellbeing of children and their parents is the priority to support them return to normal life and to help the children continue their studies under such difficult circumstances.

Serving as a rapid response to Beirut blast crisis, UNESCO and partners believe this project will help the crisis-affected families to better cope with the psychological difficulties, to build up the resilience of Beirut at family, school, and community levels, and more importantly, to support every child to continue learning with wellbeing and leave no one behind. 

Overview of the project

The project targets elementary school children and their parents who were exposed or affected by the Beirut blast with the aim of supporting them back to normal life through building up their resilience and enhancing their psychosocial well-being.


  • Providing online PSS group sessions to the crisis-affected children and online parental sessions to the parents of the crisis-affected children in Beirut.
  • Developing a collaborative strategic plan on PSS with schools in order to benefit more children exposed to the blast.


children receive psychosocial support


parents receive psychosocial support & enhance their ability to build up resilience with their children