Developing a Conservation Management plan for Tripoli Fair

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Conservation Management Plan for Tripoli Fair

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Tripoli, Lebanon
Funded by the Getty Foundation through its Keeping It Modern initiative, the project aims at developing a Conservation Management Plan (CMP) for the Rachid Karami International Fair complex in order to guarantee the preservation of its cultural, architectural and historical value in any future development process.

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Will the Rashid Karami International Fair regain its missed glory?

The RKIF has failed to play its role as a national trade and economic driver, as well as a social and cultural catalyst for Tripoli. Nevertheless, the year 2018 marked a regain of national and international interest for the site and its cultural and architectural significance.

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In Tripoli, UNESCO and the Ambassador of Brazil conduct a site visit of the Rachid Karami International Fair

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Tripoli’s forgotten fair basks in glow

A Daily Star article that explores the history of RKIF and UNESCO's initiative to develop a Conservation Management Plan for the site. 

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Competition seeks to revive Tripoli’s fair

A Daily Star article that delves into the various plans and projects to revive the RKIF site. 


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CMP elaboration

UNESCO holds a technical workshop at the Rachid Karami Fairgrounds to support its conservation and future development

The workshop featured a gathering of local stakeholders and key community actors, as well as the CMP project team, which presented the outcomes of studies recently conducted by UNESCO

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First technical workshop at the RKIF complex in Tripoli

A team of 4 research consultants and 3 specialists in concrete conservation of modern heritage gathered at RKIF complex to further collect data related to the history of the site and its development over time, and consult with identified local stakeholders on future development projects and their impact on the complex.

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RKIF Public Survey

Heritage perception and Future Development

UNESCO’s RKIF_CMP Team has developed this survey to assess the public's heritage perception towards this modern concrete complex and understand their aspirations towards its future development.

The results of the survey shall be integrated in the CMP and will shape the RKIF’s future planning and development policies.

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