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Disaster Risk Reduction



Post Disaster Response

In the aftermath of disasters, affected countries need to invest significant resources to address recovery needs. That recovery and reconstruction from disasters should be guided with the holistic/comprehensive plan. Then, This recovery/reconstruction should be developed based on the comprehensive post-disaster assessment.

The post-disaster assessment has been executed by relevant UN agencies and international institutions such as the World Bank. The main goal is to assess the full extent of a disaster's impact, define the needs for recovery/reconstruction, and serve as the basis for the development of the recovery/reconstruction strategy and guide donor's funding. Also, this assessment should be executed on every field such as .... and the UN agencies and the international institutions have responsibility for respective fields.

Therefore, UNESCO as a UN agency executes the post-disaster assessment on the field of cultural heritage. UNESCO assists countries in the post-disaster response by assessing damage and losses and in identifying recovery and reconstruction needs, altogether with field investigations to determine its causes.

In addition, UNESCO has conducted post-earthquake assessments that assess the damage of buildings, the system of construction including building code and give the policy recommendation for build back better, by utilizing its expert network on seismology and earthquake engineering.