Biocultural Species Conservation

Public E-team



Species loss and cultural decline are two of the most pressing problems facing humanity worldwide. International policies such as IPBES, UNDRIP the UN SDGs call for linked bio-cultural approaches to conservation. These approaches incorporate practical advances that combine conservation of species and cultures. Although the directives are clear, overarching frameworks and exemplars that demonstrate the mechanics of how biocultural conservation can be accomplished are lacking. Furthermore, measurement of success, at multiple scales, remains elusive. Policy shifts and broader ideological change towards embracing different ways of knowing and doing are required to support sustained localised action for change. This e-team will share innovations in biocultural species conservation to unify cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary knowledge to address this urgent global need. Individuals, cultural groups, policy makers, practitioners and researchers are invited to contribute.

Geographical area: Latin America and the Caribbean, South-East Asia, Southern Africa, Western Africa
Theme(s) of intervention: Culture, Environmental policy / climate change, Inclusive social development / inclusive societies / social inclusion, Monitoring and evaluation, Participation, Social innovation / public sector innovation / policy innovation, Sustainable Development Goals
Created: 19 Nov 2021
Latest update: 19 Nov 2021


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