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Lawrence Ndambuki Muli

Pan African Youth Network on the Culture of Peace

Mr. Lawrence Ndambuki Muli is a Public Policy Analyst and Environmental Sustainability Expert. He is the President and Regional Coordinator Chair of The Pan African Youth Network on the Culture of Peace (UNESCO). He is also the Co-founder and Policy and Programmes Manager of the African Observatory for Policy Practice and Youth Studies – a policy think tank that enhances evidence based policy making and programing in Africa in partnership with intergovernmental institutions, and also strengthens the capacity to mainstream youth priorities within the National development planning across Africa. Prior to this, for 3 years Mr. Ndambuki worked as a Policy Advocate in the Youth Division of the African Union Commission. 

Mr. Ndambuki is also currently representing Africa among 20 Global Young Researchers working under on a #case4space research project aimed at producing a Global Youth Advocacy Report on "The Enabling Environment for youth empowerment across the world" and he will be focusing on youth participation in Africa. The report will be presented at the UN General Assembly SDG's Summit in September 2015.

Mr. Ndambuki's Masters is in Public Policy & Management at the University of London with an Environmental Science and Climate Change undergraduate background from Kenyatta University in his country Kenya.