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Youth and the Internet: Fighting Radicalization and Extremism

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Jove Jankulovski

Interactive Education and Resource Network (IMOR)

Mr. Jove Jankulovski holds a Master of Arts degree in Education Management and is the co-founder of the civil society organisation Interactive Education and Resource Network (IMOR).

Over the past 15 years, Mr. Jankulovski has served as president of IMOR where he has led the implementation of numerous projects by and for young men and women. These projects are focused on empowering youth in the spirit of multicultural understanding and cooperation, civic society and democracy as well as the development of an environment in which the rights of marginalised, discriminated, vulnerable, groups at risk are respected and promoted enabling them to be integrated into their societies.

The important contribution and positive impact that these projects have had on youth in the Balkans, has led to Mr. Jankulovski receiving a number of international awards and recognitions including:

  • eLearning Awards, European Schoolnet, Brussels, 2007;
  • Global Junior Challenge, Rome, 2004;
  • Stockholm Challenge Awards, Stockholm;
  • Global Junior Challenge, Rome;
  • Child Net Awards, London.

In 2007 Mr. Jove Jankulovski was declared as a Digital Peacemaker of the World by the George Lucas Foundation. He was also was one of the first 6 international educators to receive the prestigious status of Daring Dozen in honor of his significant contribution to ICT supported education.