The United Nations World Water Development Report

The UN World Water Development Report (WWDR)  is the UN-Water’s flagship publication on water and sanitation issues, which focuses on a different theme every year.
The report is published by UNESCO on behalf of UN-Water and its production is coordinated by the UNESCO World Water Assessment Programme.

The report gives insight into the main trends concerning the state, use and management of freshwater and sanitation, based on work by members and partners of UN-Water.
Launched in conjunction with World Water Day, the report provides decision-makers with knowledge and tools to formulate and implement sustainable water policies.

Toolkit on Sex Disaggregated Water Data

To close the gap of lack of sex-disaggregated water data and provide scientific evidence on gender inequalities in the water realm,  WWAP develops a baseline methodology, indicators, and practical techniques and tools for the collection and analysis of sex-disaggregated data in the field.

The Toolkit on Sex-disaggregated Water Data represents the first ever initiative aiming to achieve a global standard for gender-responsive water assessment, monitoring and reporting.

SDG 6 Synthesis Report on Water and Sanitation

In 2015, UN Member States adopted the historic 2030 Agenda, setting universal and transformative goals and targets. To ensure that no one is left behind, it will be vital to track progress towards the goals. The ‘SDG 6 Synthesis Report 2018 on Water and Sanitation’ was produced by a UN-Water Task Force including 13 UN Agencies coordinated by WWAP, to present the overview of SDG 6 progress at the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) in 2018. The UN SDG 6 Synthesis Report 2018 provides an overview of the status of implementation at the global and regional levels, outlining ways to accelerate progress towards this goal, as well as some comprehensive information about how SDG 6 is interlinked to other SDG targets and indicators.