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Writing Peace Manual - Training Tools and Resources

International Piloting


The Global Writing Peace Piloting (GWPP) was launched on 9 April 2019, including 40 countries, notably through the UNESCO Associated Schools Network (ASPnet) until 31 July 2019. The objective of the GWPP is to underline the crucial need for intercultural competencies as part of basic education, contributing to SDGs 4 and 16 of the 2030 Agenda.

By collecting a critical mass of evaluation questionnaires until 31 July 2019, the GWPP pilot will evaluate the impact of the manual Writing Peace on the acquisition of intercultural competencies by students (8-18 years old), making peace tangible and accessible through respect for cultural diversity, shared capital of humanity.

To carry out this large-scale pilot and support associated schools, a list of the necessary tools is at their disposal.  

It includes:

And the following piloting tools:

Evaluation questionnaires for pilots until 31 July 2019 for:

The photo gallery contains the memories of each Writing Peace workshop and the activities related to this piloting.


Finally, at the origins of Writing Peace, its exhibition: