WIDE ANGLE - Archives 2015

Mireille Delmas Marty (c) Seuil
Mireille Delmas Marty
© Le Seuil

 16 December 2015 Mireille Delmas Marty: A creolized notion of humanity (in French)



Robert Redford, UNESCO, 6.12.2015
© UNESCO/P.Chiang-Joo

7 December 2015 Robert Redford: Give the reins to the young



Fuluna Tikoidelaimakotu Tuimoce
© J.Sopova/UNESCO

4 December 2015 Sailing the Canoe Back to the Future – the story of Fuluna Tikoidelaimakotu Tuimoce



Rahul Goswami, dans le Tamil Nadu, Inde.
Rahul Goswami, dans le Tamil Nadu, Inde.
Photo: V. Kermani

26 November 2015 Rahul Goswami : the intangible cultural heritage in our changing world



Forest Whitaker

18 November 2015 Forest Whitaker : Reflections on UNESCO's 70th Anniversary




Agnès Borde Meyer
© DR

17 November 2015 Agnès Borde Meyer: UNESCO in the Field of Iranian and Afghan Archeology



Elikia M'Bokolo
© DR

16 November 2015  Elikia M'Bokolo: UNESCO against historical amnesia (in French)



Jens Boel

 16 November 2015 Jens Boel: Fundamental Education, A Pioneer Concept



Céline Giton
© Jean-Paul Dekiss

 16 November 2015 Céline Giton: UNESCO's World Book Policy and its Impacts



Aigul Kulnazarova

 16 November 2015 Aigul Kulnazarova: Historical Reconciliation and Education in Japan




30 October 2015 Ignoring Science is the most Unethical Attitude



© Danish Council for Independent Research

26 October 2015 Poul Duedahl: Is UNESCO Changing the World?



© M. Olivera

22 Octobre 2015 Young researchers must make their voices heard



Ray Lema, Festival des Voix Polyphoniques, Calvi Cathedrale, 2013
© Denis Derond

28 Septembre 2015 Coalition of Artists to support the promotion of the General History of Africa



© Faiza Ambah

15 Septembre 2015 The Young Girl and the Hijab 



07 Septembre 2015 Literacy in West Africa (in French)



© Gallimard

26 August 2015: Artists and Memory od Slavery