World Science Day for Peace and Development


Created by Razan Jilani

What can you do?

The success of the World Science Day for Peace and Development will depend on the active involvement of many partners such as intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, scientific and research institutions, professional associations, the media, science teachers and schools.

Different activities will be undertaken to mobilize support for the objectives of the World Science Day for Peace and Development.

We invite you and your organization to celebrate this Day with some special events or action. Next, you can find a list of potential actions that can be undertaken by you and your organization:


    • diffuse World Science Day for Peace and Development in your institution or in your town, city or local community, through municipal and state government channels.
    • incorporate the messages of World Science Day for Peace and Development into official speeches, publications and other activities taking place on 10 November.
    • contact national and local media (TV, radio, print, electronic) to highlight the importance of celebrating WSDPD at national and local level.
    • write articles and letters about the importance of science for sustainable societies to the media, including industry trade journals, organization newsletters, and school newspapers.

    • an 'Open Day' in your institution to highlight the importance of science for peace and development.
    • classroom discussions to emphasize the many different ways science and technology touch our daily lives.
    • conferences and forums.
    • a science museum visit.

    • visit local schools to speak about careers in science, deliver scientific presentations or demonstrations to young students.
    • build classroom-to-classroom connections between schools via the Internet to talk about science projects that will interest young people.
    • find a sister institution and carry out a joint activity highlighting the importance of science.
    • invite university faculty to join with community organizations and schools to celebrate the Day.

To register your event and become a partner of the World Science Day for Peace and Development in your organisation, institution, university, school and community, please fill out this registration form and send it to

Should you encounter any problems, please contact us at or

Please feel free to contact us if you would like more suggestions and information on how you and your organization can celebrate this day. We would be grateful if you could keep us informed on the activities you will organize in order to include your events on this website.