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World Trends in Freedom of Expression and Media Development


How regularly the Report is published?

The global version of the Report is published every 4 years. The In Focus Editions are usually published every year, in preparation of the publication of the global report. The next global edition of the Report is expected at the end 2021.  

Who funds the Report?

The Report is funded by Sweden and the Multi-Donor Programme for Freedom of Expression and Safety of Journalists.

How is the Report prepared?

The editorial coordination is ensured by UNESCO. The Report has an Editorial Team conformed by lead researchers, and regional and thematic researchers.

An advisory group of experts around the globe renowned for their expertise in the report’s thematic dimensions also contribute to research, drafting and peer-review support.

You can consult the current Editorial Team.

Who is the Report intended for?

The Report is a valuable resource to guide the work of policy makers a strong instrument for advocacy by media and civil society organizations, and a critical source of information and knowledge regarding freedom of expression and media development. 

How is the Report distributed?

UNESCO organizes global and national launches in order to bring together policy-makers, academia, civil society, the private sector, government and international organization to discuss the Report’s findings. The events are planned in close coordination with UNESCO Field Offices and National Commissions, as well as with the Report's researchers and Advisory Group members.
 The publication is also distributed online to Member States, partners, media and press freedom research networks generate. You can subscribe to our newsletters to receive news about the publication or follow UNESCO’ social media channels.

How can I give my feedback?

We are interested to know your opinion about the report. Answer the survey and tell us what you think.