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How to Use this Website

This website is open to all. UNESCO invites all schools and universities to freely use, promote, and distribute the contents of this website. Each of the figures has a dedicated module. Some modules are already available, while others are in development.

The different units of each module can be accessed at any time by navigating with the icons in the top right corner of the page

In addition to being available online, comics and sound tracks are downloadable in PDF and MP3 formats, respectively.

Opportunities for educational use of this website are numerous. The various elements can be used as teaching aides for course preparation, training materials for a class or workshop, or simply for free consultation on a computer, telephone or tablet.

Teachers who wish to use this platform can adapt their teaching methods according to their access to internet.

The comics and sound tracks are downloadable, reproducible, and freely available on different devices (computer, mobile phone and tablet). These resources can also be used in places which do not have internet connection.