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Vice-President for Research of the Academy of Finland

Marja Makarow is vice president of the Academy of Finland – the Finnish Research Council since 2012, and former vice president (2003-2007) and professor of molecular biology of the University of Helsinki, and chief executive of the European Science Foundation (2008-2011). She advised the European Union in the European Research Area Board and the Finnish government in the Prime Minister’s Council for Research and Innovation that renovated the Finnish university system. As vice chair of the board she was committed to creating the Aalto University. She is member of the governing board of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology EIT and former panel chair of the European Research Council ERC. She chairs Technology Academy Finland that awards one the world’s largest innovation prizes, the Millennium Technology Prize. She is member of Academia Europaea and other distinguished learned societies.




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molecular biology
gene technology
women in STEM (science
mathematics) jobs and research