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International Initiative on Water Quality (IIWQ)


International Initiative on Water Quality (IIWQ)

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International Initiative on Water Quality (IIWQ)
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Publ: 2015; 27 p.
This publication provides comprehensive information about this global initiative, aimed at facilitating international scientific and policy cooperation to promote research, knowledge generation and dissemination, and effective and innovative policies to meet global water quality challenges towards ensuring water security for sustainable development.

Emerging Pollutants in Wastewater Reuse in Developing Countries
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Publ: 2015; 4 p.
A brochure outlining the IIWQ flagship project, which aims to strengthen the scientific knowledge and capacity building on new and emerging pollutants in water and wastewater, as well as on the risks to human health and the environment they pose today around the world, in order to support UNESCO Member States to manage risks caused by these contaminants through improved water quality and wastewater management.

Water in the post-2015 development agenda and sustainable development goals
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Publ: 2014; 14 p.
This UNESCO-IHP discussion paper was crucial in highlighting the role of water in the SDGs and advocating for a stand-alone SDG on water. It also provided background for discussions of the UNESCO-IHP Side-Event on “Water in the Post-2015 Development Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals”, organized during the 21th session of the Intergovernmental Council of UNESCO-IHP (Paris, 2014). [Available in English and French].

Water Quality in Kharaa River Basin in Mongolia
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Publ: 2013; 86 p.
This report presents results of water quality assessment of the Selenge River Basin (Mongolia), with specific emphasis on assessment of pollution threats and pollution hotspots in the Kharaa River Basin.

Water and Sanitation in Municipalities in Selenge River Basin in Mongolia
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Publ: 2013; 116 p.
A review of the access to water and sanitation in municipalities located in the Selenge River Basin of Mongolia, including the upgrades needed to improve water and sanitation services and to identify ongoing and planned programmes and projects on water and sanitation.

Protecting Water Quality for People and the Environment
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Publ: 2012; 08:28
This video produced by UNESCO-IHP IIWQ and the Ministry of Environment from Korea, informs on the quality of water we use and drink, and how this water determines largely the quality of our lives. Clean water is essential to the health and well-being of people preserving the integrity of the natural environment and sustaining economies.

Article on “Chemical contaminants: those invisible additives in our drink”
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Publ: 2011; 24 p.
An article on emerging pollutants, published in UNESCO Natural Sciences Quarterly ‘A World of Science’ (Vol.9, no.4), highlighting the urgent need to address this issue and outlining UNESCO-IHP’s work and activities to promote research, scientific knowledge and public awareness on chemical contaminants. [Available in English, French, Spanish, Russian]

Water Quality: Current Trends and Expected Climate Change Impacts
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Publ: 2011; 186 p.
This publication is the outcome of a symposium which brought together water quality scientists for a dialogue on the evaluation of climate change impacts on a wide range of water quality issues.