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Urban Water Management Programme (UWMP)


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Objectives and activities


UWMP aims to promote sustainable water resources management in urban areas by helping countries develop and implement effective strategies and policies for urban water management through the dissemination of scientifically-sound policy guidelines, scientific knowledge and information on new and innovative approaches, solutions and tools for sustainable urban water management, as well as by providing capacity building support on key urban water issues.


  • Sustainable Urban Water Management Strategies. The project aims to assess effectiveness of, explore promising directions for, and identify sustainable water management strategies, including those addressing urban infrastructure and water management, benchmarking of water services, protection of drinking water sources, water use and reuse, alternative technologies for sanitation, and use of natural treatment processes, supported by effective institutional arrangements and policies.
  • Integrated Urban Water Infrastructure Provision for Slums. The project aims to promote new approaches to slum improvements focusing on integrated urban water services.
  • Best Practices in Urban Water Management. The project aims to promote and disseminate context- and scale-dependent best practices for assisting a variety of communities of various cultures and sizes to move away from current unsustainable urban water management practices towards more effective and sustainable urban water management.