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UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme

25th Anniversary of the UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme

The UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2017. The programme, which has helped to establish a vibrant network of over 700 higher education institutions in 116 Member States, shares UNESCO’s values, connects the Organization with communities, and mobilizes expertise to support the advancement of UNESCO’s goals in education, sciences, culture and communication. Built on a common vision of a world free of poverty and discrimination, this global network strengthens UNESCO’s links with scientists, researchers and communities of practice. Networking – a strategic added value of the programme – has helped universities and higher education and research institutions all over the globe to play their role fully in society.

This anniversary is an opportunity to take stock of the achievements of the programme over 25 years of action and pay tribute to the commitment and hard work of academics, students, civil society organizations and many others involved at participating universities.

It is also time to look forward to the 25 years ahead and the contribution of higher education to achieving the goals of the Education 2030 Agenda. The anniversary will be celebrated through a range of events which will be reflected in regular updates to this page.